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Microsoft PowerPoint is very effective application to create powerful presentations. It allows you to design a wide variety of multimedia presentations quickly and professionally without having to use multiple computer programs. It is commonly used for creating more attractive and informative presentations in educational institutions and business organizations. Numerous advanced features provided in PowerPoint make it more convenient and user friendly. PowerPoint files are stored in .ppt or .pptx format. However there are times when certain PowerPoint presentations starts to behave unusually, refuses to open and throws unexpected error messages when you attempt to access it. Suppose consider a situation where you have worked hard day and night from so many days in preparing an important business presentation. However just before the final presentation day when you try to open it, you received an error message saying:

“PowerPoint cannot open the type of file represented by file_name.ppt”

As soon as you get the aforementioned error message the PowerPoint may stop working and the data becomes inaccessible. The first thought that comes to mind immediately after this error is how to fix PPT files. Just read this article to establish a solution to fix the problem.

You may get the error message due to Version incompatibility, where you have created a PowerPoint slide in 2002 and trying to open it in 2010. In such cases you need to save the presentation in PowerPoint 2002 and open it to resolve the issue. If you are able to open the file by following above mentioned step then it is fine. If the version compatibility is not an issue then you need to understand that the file is severely corrupted and it needs to be fixed with the assistance of powerful third party application such as powerpoint repair tool. It is widely recommended by many industry experts all over the world to fix PPT under any sort of corruption

PPT files get corrupted under following circumstances:

  • Abrupt System Shutdown: If your system shuts down abnormally when you are working with the PPT file then there are chances that your PPT file gets corrupted. Frequent power fluctuations, hardware failure are the prominent reasons behind abnormal shutdown of system.
  • Improper Settings in Registry Policy: Any sort of errors in registry policy settings are the main reason behind corruption of PPT file. If the settings are not proper, then the administrator may restrict the type of the presentation that can be opened by Microsoft PowerPoint and throws error messages when you attempt to open any PPT file.
  • Incomplete Installation: It is very important to execute the installation process of PowerPoint application completely without any interruptions. Improper installation of PowerPoint application can create problems while making PPT files. Not only this, in severe case it completely corrupts the PPT file.
  • Usage of Improper Recovery Software: Majority of file recovery softwares will give you an assurance of recovering deleted or lost files without causing further damage to them. However it is not true in all the cases. Some softwares alter the contents to files and injures the file severely. If you have used any of such inappropriate software, you will not be able to open the file even though you have recovered them with more struggles. So it is always recommended to make use of good, reliable recovery applications.
  • Virus Attack: The most hazardous threat to your computer is virus attack. Virus invasion usually occur when you download and install any virus infected third party applications from the internet. Viruses replicate themselves and spread to all the files on the system if a single file gets infected by them. Sometimes PPT files stored in your PC could get corrupted by these viruses.

Your PPT files could get severely corrupted under above mentioned scenarios beyond manual repair. So you need to use PowerPoint repair utility to fix corrupt PPT files. This tool not only repairs and restores PPT slides but also recovers different components of PPT files such as images, text, animations, sound effects, fields, hyperlinks, charts, OLE objects, tables etc. It can repair presentation files of popular PowerPoint versions namely Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

This tool can fix damaged PPT file of any Microsoft PowerPoint version on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008. This tool also helps to open broken PPT file after PPT file is corrupt and could not be opened error.The powerful scanning engine provided in this tool scans the PPT file deeply and extracts required contents from corrupted file. Later it makes the healthy PPT file from extracted contents thus functions as read-only software. It repairs all types of corrupted PPT, PPTS and PPTX files along with their header and footer. The sensitive interface provided in this tool creates the possible way to utilize the software efficiently. By making use of this effective application you could easily fix and open PPTX file on PowerPoint 2007. For further enquiries click here:

Steps to Fix PowePoint Presentation:

Step 1: Download and install the PPT repair tool on your Windows computer. Double click on desktop shortcut to launch the utility. You will see a Main Screen as illustrated in Figure 1

Fix PPT File - Home Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

Step 2: Select "Browse" on the main screen to find the Corrupt PPT file from your system. When done press "Repair" option as illustrated below in Figure 2

Fix PPT File - Find Corrupted PPT File

Figure 2: Find corrupt PPT File

Step 3: The utility starts repairing process and make a new healthy PPT file which can be previewed if you have Microsoft Office PowerPoint installed on your system. Click on "Preview File" option to check the presentation as illustrated in Figure 3

Fix PPT File - Repaired PPT File

Figure 3: Preview PPT File

Step 4: You need to purchase and activate the software to enable saving of PPT file after the repair process. After activating, click on "Browse" to select the destination location to save the new PPT file. Finally press "Save" as illustrated in Figure 4

Fix PPT File - Save PPT File

Figure 4: Save PPT File

Download Repair PPT Tool Buy Full Version

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